Safety Policies

The GIVETOLIVE Board is comprised of a variety of past event participants, friends, and founders. The main role of the board, other than its financial and legal responsibilities, is to ensure that each event that is run by GIVETOLIVE helps to accomplish the aims and objectives of GIVETOLIVE community. A board member sits on each of the event committees, provides continuity across the events, is on hand to answer any questions the committees have, and act as a resource.


GIVETOLIVE has the upmost respect for the inherent riskiness of its event choices and the added risk that COVID-19 has on its operation. We continually stress safety practices to our participants and volunteers on an on-going basis and pride ourselves on having zero safety issues in our organization’s tenure. We are prepared to respect the guidelines set forth by the Province of Nova Scotia and Government of Canada.


A safety meeting will be held on August 7th prior to the swimming portion of the event. This meeting is mandatory for all participants and will result in disqualification for non-attendance. Some of the subjects to be discussed include: weather, tidal information (direction & speed), schedule of the 8th, marine conditions, sunrise & sunset, swimming strategies, marine traffic, expected traffic, emergency procedures, COVID-19 procedures, instructions for support vessels and any other information deemed necessary by the organizing committee.


The following protocols will be adhered to by The BIG SWIM event throughout its entire operation:

  1. The BIG SWIM will follow all social distancing recommendations and masking requirements set forth by the province as they cover our event dates. This particularly pertains to the maximum people gathering limits as it relates to social distancing and masking.
  2. Regular handwashing practices and locations of those stations.
  3. Sanitation stations will be placed at key locations throughout the event weekend and participants and spectators will be encouraged to utilize them regularly.
  4. Messaging related to reporting symptoms to the appropriate individuals should they begin to experience them during the event weekend will be communicated.
  5. Messaging related to reporting symptoms to the appropriate individuals should they begin to experience them after the event weekend will be communicated.
  6. Travel restrictions, if applicable, will be adhered to. Participants are aware that if they are coming from outside of Nova Scotia and a provincial travel ban/quarantine restrictions are in place, they are expected to follow them. If these travel restrictions are in place ahead of the event weekend, participants will be contacted a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the event to ensure they are aware of these restrictions and have a plan to follow them.
  7. Contact tracing will take place for all event participants, volunteers, and spectators during the event weekend. This will be done by using an electronic contact tracing system whereby individuals complete a form that The BIG SWIM is then able to access if an exposure takes place. A paper system will be in place onsite as well to ensure that if individuals are unable to text this number they will still be tracked.
  8. Signage will be placed at key locations throughout the event weekend reminding participants of the aforementioned items with a particular focus on maintaining social distancing, mask-wearing, and being mindful of reporting COVID-19 symptoms.
  9. The event will have volunteers dedicated to monitoring and maintaining COVID-19 protocols throughout the event. This includes ensuring social distancing, reminding individuals of mask-wearing, and maintain cleanliness standards.
  10. Any location where there may be a lineup will feature pylons to demonstrate 6ft distancing to ensure individuals visually recognize distancing must take place.
  11. Additional communication will be circulated via social media, email, and during event weekend as it pertains to participants, spectators, and volunteers.


  1. Participants, spectators, and volunteers will be reminded of proper hand-washing protocols and reminded to sanitize and/or wash their hands regularly.
  2. Hand sanitizers (minimum 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer) will be available at high touch point locations throughout the event area for event participants, volunteers, and spectators.
  3. Where possible, cleaning of high touch points between waves will take place.
  4. High-touch areas will be cleaned and disinfected at least twice daily and more often as needed.
  5. Sharing of items used by participants and/or volunteers will be limited and if necessary will be wiped down with a disinfectant between uses (IE pens, mic, etc). If this is not possible, individuals touching these props will perform hand hygiene before and after touching the items.
  6. Waste will be disposed of regularly and hands will be washed after waste removal
  7. No-touch waste receptacles should be used.