Brigadoon Village

Where extraordinary kids have the chance to be ordinary.

About Our Charity

The Brigadoon Children’s Camp Society and it’s dedicated staff and volunteers are committed to bettering the lives of children, youth and families living with a chronic illness, chronic condition or special need in Atlantic Canada.

Brigadoon Village is open year round. The transformational effect of a camping experience is life-altering. For children and youth with a chronic illness or a chronic condition, opportunities for self-discovery can be limited by definitions of disease, treatments, conditions, and stereotypes. Brigadoon Village is a place where campers come to experience new things, meet friends who are facing similar challenges, and to just be themselves…not a patient, a chart full of symptoms, or a good little soldier.

With our partners, we develop specialized camping programs that meet the varied needs of our campers. Our guiding principles lead program development: to live sustainably, to be innovative, to be environmentally mindful, to be creative, to be compassionate, to be accountable, to be accessible, to create and build partnerships, to be community –orientated, and of course, to have exceptional funThe generous support of our donors like GIVETOLIVE make camp possible!

Visit brigadoonvillage.org.