“Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.” Jim Rohn

Many, many, thanks from all of us at GIVETOLIVE.

Our BIG events would never happen without you. We are truly touched by your participation and your propping us up.

Frag For Cancer

Frag For Cancer is an annual event: a weekend of gaming tournaments and entertainment. Frag for Cancer has been a friend to GIVETOLIVE for ten years. In that time, Frag for Cancer has raised $125,000 to go directly to help GIVETOLIVE and support the Canadian Cancer Society, specifically in research. A BIG THANKS to Board Member Yazeed Sobaih for breathing life and soul into this initiative.

Shubie Dooby Tri

For eight years our GTL board member Mark Campbell has been producing the best event of its kind, the Shoobie Dooby Tri. Each year this event sells out and by all accounts it’s a competitors favourite! Over $35,000 has been raised for GIVETOLIVE, and we are grateful for every cent.