Shout outs from our friends

“I can’t find words to thank you enough for all the wonders you have accomplished. In my eyes, this is quite a miracle. I know how much work you have done. And you made it happen!”

Dr. Michele Molinari, Pancreatic Research Doctor

“The BIG RIDE was one of my toughest challenges both physically and mentally.  I bought my first road bike in April and four months later I was standing on the top of Smokey surrounded by an amazing bunch of cyclists. It hurt, a lot.  I laughed, a lot. I pedalled longer than my little legs had pedalled before. What an amazing and rewarding event.  Would I do it again tomorrow!  I already am.”

Chris Kidd

“Having experienced GIVETOLIVE’s The BIG SWIM and The BIG RIDE events as both a participant and volunteer I felt not only a sense of accomplishment but also part of unique community that is supportive and encouraging. These events are not for elite athletes but for the everyday person who wants to experience something special and extraordinary.”

Jeff Langill

“The BIG SWIM was the biggest, most daunting challenge I’ve ever set for myself. Because of that, it has given me increased confidence, helped me adopt a healthier lifestyle and taught me, for the first time ever that I do have the ability to achieve the extraordinary if I put in the hard work, stay determined and believe in myself. It is such a powerful feeling and I have GIVETOLIVE to thank for that.”

Emily Mallard

“My first The BIG RIDE was about 10 years ago, from Vancouver to Austin,Texas. Others convinced me that I could do it. I trained hard, and had a wonderful experience. I have done many rides since then and continue to stay in good shape at 63, about 25 pounds lighter than when I set my sights on Austin! The groups are always very inclusive and it is always a challenge, but lots of fun! You see beautiful sites from the seat of your bike, challenge yourself, make lasting friendships and raise funds for worthy causes. What could be better?”

Chris MacDougall

“Taking part in a GIVETOLIVE event is more than just completing an incredible challenge. When you join GIVETOLIVE, you’re joining a tribe of people committed to bettering the world; a tribe who recognizes that individual ripples can make a wave of change. Participating in The BIG SWIM in 2013 had a profound impact on my young adulthood and allowed me to learn from people who are truly acting selflessly. I’ve since come back every year to volunteer to soak up the positive energy and give back to an organization that gives so much. I can only wish that others will take a chance on participating, volunteering, or supporting these events in the hopes that you’ll be impacted as much as I have been.”

Beth Hamilton

“Having participated in 4 The BIG SWIM events, I have had the privilege of meeting a new community of like-minded people who want to achieve a personal goal, and at the same time raise awareness and funds for a worthy cause.

Question: If someone asked, “Would you swim across the Northumberland Strait to send a child with a chronic illness to a summer camp where they can forget about their condition and just be a kid ?”… what would you say ?
My answer: The BIG SWIM

Question: How do you swim from New Brunswick to PEI ?
My answer: One stroke at a time.”

Randy Currie