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The Emme Award is given to someone who completes all GIVETOLIVE events in one calendar year!

2021 Winners!

Susan Nelligan
Paul Studley
Emme Morin

2023 events

To be eligible for the Emme Award you must participate in each of these events

The BIG CHILL – February 25, 2023

The BIG RIDE – June 22-25, 2023

The BIG SWIM – Summer 2023

An award for exceptional achievement

The first time it was awarded was in 2019 to a very special lady, and you guessed it, her name is Emme. In 2019, she took on The BIG CHILL’s 5km snowshoe course, The BIG RIDE’s 500km 5-day cycle around the Gaspé Peninsula, and the 18km swim across the Northumberland Strait as part of The BIG SWIM.

Along with training and participating in each event, she fundraised almost $10,000 for our charities that year!

To honour her amazing accomplishment we created this new award after her.