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Choose from sweatshirts, t-shirts, baseball hats, touques, duffle bags and more!

Lots of colours, styles & sizes. Adult & Youth Sizing available.

GIVETOLIVE cycling gear

GIVETOLIVE Gear to buy
GIVETOLIVE Gear to buy
GIVETOLIVE Gear to buy
GIVETOLIVE Gear to buy

We also sell GIVETOLIVE cycling gear! Our online store opens for a few weeks each spring and is announced through our social media streams as well as in our newsletter. Sign up on our form on the side or bottom of the page for updates.

The Sugoi we sell is high quality – great shammys, fabric, fits, AND design if we do say so ourselves!

Since we are safety first, each piece features Sugoi’s ZAP technology, which creates a slightly different texture on the back pockets of the jerseys & jackets and leg gripper on shorts & bibs that allows for reflection when light shines on it (daytime or night). It creates much better visibility than your average cycling gear!

There are two different styles of kits (“kit” for any new cyclists means matching jersey and shorts). In each of these two styles you can get shorts or bibs! You can order pieces separately and in whatever quantities you want. The two styles for the kits are the “RS Team”, a pro and tighter fit and an “Evolution” style, Sugoi’s most popular semi-fit.

We encourage you to look at the sizing chart and read the technical specs on each item.

We also have three long-sleeve options:

1. The Evolution Long Sleeve Jersey: A fleece jersey (on the inside) which can be worn cycling or even as a pre/post cycling or exercise warm up piece.

2. The Evolution Windbreaker: A lightweight, water resistant, windbreaker that has pockets on the back and can be folded up small and tucked into your pocket – a great piece in wind and rain.

3. The RS Thermal Jacket: This is a cold weather cycling piece that offers warmth, wind, and rain protection. For any of you who also run, snowshoe or XC-ski, this functions as an awesome multisport piece.

All items are available in Men’s and Women’s sizing so please note the difference between men’s and women’s selections and choose accordingly.

Very important: Any of the items you order are FINAL SALE (no exchanges or returns on either Entriphy or Sugoi gear) so pay very close attention to fit and selection!

If you have any questions about GIVETOLIVE gear contact us at

We’ll let you know when cycling gear is available!

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