Covid-19 Update

Dear Friends of GIVETOLIVE,

It’s hard to believe how the world has changed. Only a week ago, we were celebrating another successful BIG CHILL (raising $24,700), finalizing logistics for The BIG SWIM, and booking hotel rooms for The BIG RIDE. It seems like an eternity ago. Today, the world is consumed with the Coronavirus and how it will alter our lives. What seemed important last week has become trivial, replaced with stress and worry about jobs and the economy and the safety and health of our loved ones. Life sure got different in a hurry.

Many have asked what will become of our events. Simply put, we just don’t know yet. Like you, our volunteers have prioritized taking care of their children, transitioning to working at home, and learning how to cope with social distancing. We appreciate your patience and recognition that we are a largely volunteer-run organization.  

We are committed to providing you with updates to The BIG RIDE by early April and The BIG SWIM shortly thereafter. Rest assured, we are evaluating every possible option in an obviously stressful environment. For now, we are encouraging our Board of Directors, event participants, and our volunteer teams to focus on themselves and their families.  

GIVETOLIVE (which includes you) is a strong family. We will lean on one another. We will search out those suffering the most and help them.  We will come out the other side of this together. Keep exercising. Keep doing the extraordinary.  Keep giving back.  

With love and prayers…
Todd and Ashley,