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Register for the BIG SWIM

2017 BIG SWIM Registration

Registration Opens: Wednesday, March 1st at 8:00AM AST


The BIG SWIM Mandatory Safety Meeting: Saturday, August 5th

The BIG SWIM: Sunday, August 6th


In the spirit of fairness, registration will be first-come, first-serve for everyone and we will be accepting 50 swimmers.  Swimmers who do not register in time will be placed on a wait-list should a participant have to opt out during training. We encourage those swimmers placed on our wait-list to volunteer with us and become a part of a different BIG SWIM experience (see the link below to register as a volunteer). Don’t forget to follow GIVETOLIVE on Facebook and Twitter for up to date notifications on our registration progress; we will be posting updates for when we hit our capacity.


There are a couple things to remember when you register as a swimmer for The BIG SWIM:

You must attend our safety meetings on Saturday, August 5th. Those who do not attend, do not swim.

You must fundraise at least $1,500 for Brigadoon Village. Those who do not fundraise the minimum before the event, do not swim. We’re looking to raise $175,000 as a group for Brigadoon this year and send 175 kids to camp!

You must try your best to find a kayaker who meets our requirements to escort you across the Strait. We do our best to recruit kayakers but we do need your help.

You must picture yourself in PEI having just changed the lives of deserving kids by achieving something extraordinary.


Swimmer Registration Details:

Opening Date: Wednesday, March 1st

Opening Time: 8:00AM AST

Where to Register:

This link will also be released via the GIVETOLIVE Facebook and Twitter.

What You Will Need:

A valid credit card.

Your government issued health card.

A valid email address.

Emergency Contact names and phone numbers handy (you need to enter in 2 contacts)

Fast fingers – we plan to sell out quickly!


The GIVETOLIVE, BIG SWIM organizing team is excited for a new year and getting to meet a new group of BIG SWIMMERs. We have a lot of experience under our belts and will make sure that you have an incredible experience crossing the Strait.


** To register as a kayaker, please register here.

** To register as a BIG HELPER (event volunteer), please register here.


Please email our Co-Event Directors, Beth and Heather, at [email protected] if you have any questions.


– The BIG SWIM Organizing Committee